BMW revolutionizes again the car market by introducing a new technology, which besides its usefulness, amazes the drivers.BMW presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas the concept called M4 Iconic Lights. And as the name suggests, it has to do with lights. Specifically, laser headlights and taillights with OLED technology.

M4 Iconic LightsAccording to Germans from Bavaria, the prototype has a new type of laser headlights that can light up to a distance of 600 meters .Inside the headlights, a special optical system directs the rays from diodes to a phosphor plaque inside , where the beam is converted into white light.The energy consumption is 30% lower than with conventional halogen or xenon headlights, but the power is double that of conventional headlights.

Of course, because we are already in 2015, that means it does not matter just the power of light, but also the way it interacts with the environment. Dynamic Light Spot function (a dynamic spot of light) of Night Vision system can identify and illuminate people and animals up to a distance of 100 meters.

The new technology launched by BMW has received numerous praises. The German automaker introduced a revolutionary new lighting system that offers several advantages, according to The Blaze.For example, when the vehicle speed exceeds 72 km / h, the lighting is automatically increased to cover a greater distance. At the same time, the new system automatically detects other vehicles on the road and “selectively exclude them from strong light beam” say representatives of BMW, in order not to cause discomfort to other drivers.

“It is an incredible technology, this is the future,” commented the journalists from The Blaze http://finance.yahoo.com/news/jason-hope-explores-internet-things-090000898.html.

In addition, the system introduced by BMW is equipped with infrared technology that illuminates more pronounced the humans and animals on the road to avoid a possible collision.

“In this way, both the driver and those on the roadside are prevented.” explains the representatives of BMW.

Another advantage of BMW laser headlights is the narrow dispersion function that can project the exact width of the car on a narrow road, so you’ll know if you can pass without touching the sides of the car. In addition to intelligent laser headlights, M4 Iconic Lights concept received a set of OLED taillights which are positioned so as to produce a 3D effect. OLED technology (organic LEDs) has advantages like low power consumption, uniform illumination of the entire surface and the lack of precious metals during the production process.

Moreover, the Germans are also working to what is called High Power Laser, which can project information directly on the road, ahead of the vehicle, so that the driver does not have to take his eyes off the road at night.

As we can see, the newest lighting systems of cars reveal a fascinating foreseeable future, where xenon and LED lights are already outdated. New lighting technologies will quickly invade the car market and most car brands will try to improve fast the vehicles.
It remains to be seen with what updates and improvements they will amaze us.